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This came about while researching an article for PROfile Magazine (published by Local Government Professionals Victoria Inc, aka LGPro).

I found a wealth of research opportunity in LGPro's 40 or so SIGs, i.e. Special Interest Groups. Members are staff from local governments across Victoria, each SIG centred around a common profession or role in their respective councils. Quite unique really.

I'm still working on the article. It's generally about benchmarking and how SIGs do it. But this moves into other territory as well - that of Communities of Practice, which SIGs represent in many ways if not entirely. I hope to learn more about this as well.

I've had contact with LGPro SIG Convenors already and the SIG Survey below is for you mainly, though anyone can take part, I'd be grateful if you did. In the meantime, we'll be adding links and comments, to build this page as a resource, at least for writing about the topics.

Cheers, Verne Krastins - [email protected]

* S I G 2 Survey

The survey looks into local government benchmarking and related matters.

The small print

My promise is to produce a report and send it direct to anyone who completes the survey and leaves contact details.

Everything will be kept confidential, data and reports will not be attributable to any one respondent, and the survey data within Survey Monkey will be deleted once the report is done.

The survey is timed for 10-15 minutes.

Thank you!

Please go to the survey

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* LGPro SIGs

This diatoon™ shows LGPro SIGs as of May 2014, and how their 'community of practice' relates to the org chart of their home organisations (most councils are similar). Click to get the 'big picture'.

© 2014 Ivars Krastins. Published in PROfile Magazine, Winter 2014.

Links (a growing list, newest posted at top)

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