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Over four months in 2014, Sector Connector conducted research and engagement for an evaluation of the Victorian Government's Yarra Bay Litter Hotspots Program Phase 1.

The subjects were 10 council led litter hotspot projects. The evaluation focus was on two fronts:

- how litter hotspot managers applied best practice litter prevention principles

- the effectiveness of the funding context, i.e. program logic, partner relationships and connection between state government agencies and these 'on the ground delivery agents.

By and large, the 15 key recommendations made in the evaluation report guided the nature of phase 2 and 3 of the litter hotspots program currently underway. To request a copy of the Phase 1 evaluation report, please contact Stan Vermeeren Litter Program Co-ordinator, Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group.


Sector Connector surveyed Victorian Local Government communications departments in 2011-2012 to profile and help benchmark what they do.

As we know, communications, public relations and the like are difficult to measure. Outputs and hits are not enough.

Survey reports (PDF)

1. Media and communications

2. Newsletters and advertising

3. Social media, web and mobile

4. Intranets and internal communications


Moreland City Council

CALDCOM storyboards are a suite of illustrated educational broadsheets for print and download, some also as animated videos, providing information about Australian society, local government and accessing services, and directed at recent migrants with little English language.

We developed a workshop model developed with ESL teachers to conduct evaluations in real classroom settings, and improve storyboards design and delivery principles, including adaptation to animated and video versions.

Moreland's CALDCOM website


Destination Melbourne

We develop and wrote, in the form of a toolkit, an argument and method for local governments to take local tourism promotion seriously. It focused on the 'Visiting Friends and Relatives' tourism market to give Destination Melbourne the perfect uptake vehicle for its Discover Your Own Backyard campaign. This won two marketing awards in 2012-2013, and Destination Melbourne exceeded its DYOB buy-in target by a long shot.

After user consultation, we prepared a 2nd edition, which again led to even broader take up by local governments in Victoria, including regional cities. DYOB website


City of Greater Dandenong

Visioning an ideal future is hardly a science, but our approach to Greater Dandenong's inaugural community plan "Imagine 2030" proved the power of an empirical methodology and avoiding the bias that public meetings inevitably introduce.

The 15 month research and consultation program included bespoke consultation methods for demographic and language groups, and a method of blending the qualitative and the quantitative. We also wrote the document, managed communications design, produced a DVD, directed a public launch and media event and integrated Imagine 2030 with the council's four year strategic plan.