PROfile Magazine

A selection of feature articles by Verne Krastins, published in Local Government Professionals Victoria's member PROfile Magazine. As of September 2016, 42 quarterly articles published since 2006.

Communication top down bottom up

A straw poll survey of local government corporate communications departments in Victoria asked "what is the best improvement you've made over the past year or two?" The answer is revealing - many got their best bang for effort by dealing with internal and employee communication.

Kin Cities

A stand-out sister city relationship program in Australia is that between the City of Port Phillip in Melbourne Australia and City of Obu in Aichi prefecture in Japan. What makes it special is the notion of 'sister workforces'.

Each alternating year Obu and Port Phillip send a staffer to work at the sister's city hall, and not just for a few weeks - these are three month assignments with prescribed outcomes, home and car thrown in.

Getting Personal

Corporate communications departments are often called on to prepare an internal communications plan or strategy. This article asks is why? What makes internal communications distinct from external, multicultural, marketing or any other communication?

This article takes the customer service angle in the context of ever growing ways we communicate with institutions.

The Lifecycle

A person's stay with their employer is never permanent. Even those who remain for decades eventually leave. In this period though, employees go through a predictable life cycle. They also take their experiences to the next workplace and describe to others.

Organisations operating in a relatively intimate sector, such as local government where employees circulate within, ought to keep this reputation maker in mind.

Spot the Innovator

Unearthing the special people in your organisation may not be hard, but letting them get on with it is another matter. There's so much talk and organisation development action around innovation, you might conclude it must just go around in circles.

Entertaining or Creating?

Why do councils own and operate cultural facilities – theatres, galleries, museums and the like? Perhaps for city pride, cultural vitality, for tourism and the economy, or just because no one else will? There are a few factors that can make management of cultural venues - within the family of council service departments a game of fitting square pegs into round holes. Or perhaps the other way round.


A rolling article about getting stuck in workplaces where no one wants to change the architecture holding innovation and the power of individualism back. One way to a solution is enforce a paradigm shift - throw your old ideas and positions in the air and see who and what lands where (if anywhere). 

Clue at the interface

There’s a book which received a great deal of attention in marketing circles when it came out in 2000, the Cluetrain Manifesto. The tome begins with a list of 95 theses – statements about how the internet would change business. The book was published at a time when growth in internet use and computer dependence were noticeably changing our lives. But it was still before the level of dominance that search engines, social networking and do-everything devices of today.

Mulling over Marketing

What's in a word? There was a time when 'marketing' was considered a dirty word, implying all the soullessness of the profit motive, and mixed up in the debate about whether citizens are customers or not. There are many threads to the word, with various takes and interpretations. Local government has a few takes of its own. 

Sisters Unite

A story about the sister cities movement. 

O to be Engaged

The very first in this collection.