Think sustainability

View from the office  

As a boutique consultant, sustainable work practices reflect life style. Sector Connector follows a few basic rules, and encourages individual associates and project partners to do the same.

  • Recycle and reuse office materials, such as paper.
  • Dispose batteries, ink cartridges and the like responsibly.
  • Turn electronic equipment off at the source when not in use (not on standby).
  • Leave the car at home whenever practical.
  • Purchase carbon offsets when available.
  • Grow plants.

Think beyond the requirement - add value!

Trust your process

One thing after another

You can be prescriptive or iterative. I say iterative, because outcomes are never certain and all you can do is influence the journey there. But with the right knowledge and experience, all of us can happily have a clear picture of a fuzzy future, and trust that our processes will get us there.

Embrace serendipity

Detect and filter random gifts

Serendipity just happens, often just the surprise that helps you out, if you're ready. Serendipity can be given room in even the tightest project plans, by being prepared for opportunism.

Seek collateral good

Who else can benefit?

You can achieve more if open to benefiting others not involved in the plan. Get a sense of what else your methods and enterprises can influence, or what other outputs and outcomes could come about. Be ready to pursue openings, make sure the plan has room for this.