Discover Your Own Backyard Campaign Toolkit

Destination Melbourne Ltd, Melbourne Victoria

A landmark campaign guide for capitalising on the Visiting Friends & Relatives tourism market, written specifically for use by local governments and community organisations. Due to high levels of engagement in the first year, revised and wrote a 2nd edition. Destination Melbourne won Economic Development Australia's national award for marketing, and Tourism Victoria's state award for the same, on the back of the overall DYOB campaign model. See the DYOB website. 

Litter Prevention Kits

Victorian Litter Action Alliance (Sustainability Victoria)

To date seven best practice guides for litter prevention officers and campaigners. Full web site content, in synch and parallel updates with PDF download and printing versions. More underway.

Guide to Holding a Successful Civic Event

City of Greater Dandenong, Melbourne Victoria

A detailed, educational and stepwise guide for council managers and coordinators to ensure no political or protocol gafs, and make the best out of a launches, announcements and milestones without upsetting anyone.