The Evaluator

If you don't evaluate what you do, it's not possible to do better the next time.

Every project, program or campaign relies on relationships, partnerships, methodologies, tools of the trade and performance measures. Evaluate each of these, evaluate how they fit together, and you might understand what happened (or not) a lot better.   

My specialty is evaluating partnerships.

Case 1

The evaluation exercise for Climate Ready started right at the beginning.

The benefit was being able to observe how the various partners and contractors worked together over the two years it took to build the website, develop its rich content and formulate a community engagement program to promote the website's climate change adaptation planning tools.

Climate Ready is funded by the Victorian Government delivered by a consortium of local councils Mornington Peninsula Shire, Kingston City Council and Bayside City Council. The website was built by Federation University and now hosts a comprehensive Action Plan tool for residents and property owners to plan for climate change risks.

Case 2

Phase 1 of the Victorian Government's Litter Hotspots Program involved eight councils funded to run litter prevention projects. Sector Connector's evaluation was less about the projects themselves than the way the program's governance and management arrangements influenced on-ground delivery.

The 15 recommendations we came up with have arguably helped Litter Hotspots Round 2 and Round 3 be the success stories they are. Read the case studies from Phase 1.


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Recent writings

Light at the beginning of the tunnel

There was a time in Victorian circles, circa mid-2000s, when you could hardly avoid the topic of community plans – those visionary documents describing a community’s long-term aspirations. These days, it seems a different matter.

Evaluating Empowerment

If you’re a user of the IAP2 Public Participation Spectrum you probably love it.

Its participation building five-step program, starting with “inform”, progressing through consult-involve-collaborate and ending in the visionary “empower”, is a great way to think things through.

But it’s not perfect – the two end parts of collaboration and empowerment are conflated, its political purpose is unstated, and there’s little room for self-evaluation. Read more.

First published in CiVic Magazine (Autumn 2016) p9.

CiVic is one of Victoria's leading voices for local government, published by the Municipal Association of Victoria, produced by Kristi High of Puffafish.

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